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Our new Mafia 2 PC site has been officially open. Dispite the fact that the site name has PC in it we welcome gamers from all platforms including PS3 and Xbox360 - just keep in mind that the best MODs and Downloads for the game will be on PC and not on the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3.
You can now legally download a FREE and FULL version of H&D Delux that Illusion Softworks has so kindley made into fa reeware. Hidden and Dangerous Delux version includes the original Hidden & Dangerous game, plus the Devil’s Bridge expansion pack, and game level and mission editor, all the patches, updates, etc.

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Mafia 2 PC puts the gamer in the middle of a crime and mafia underworld of a fictitious but familiar looking USA big city in late 1940's / early 1950's scenario. Realistic 3D graphics of the game engages you in a cinematic and Hollywood movie gaming experience in a lively, breathing city, fusing high octane 3rd person gunplay with white knuckle action packed driving and an engaging storyline and narrative.


Freeride mods

Tas piešķir spēlei freeride iespēju. Pēc instalēšanas ieejot spēlē, jaunā iespēja atrodas sadaļā "The Story". Lejupielādējiet Mafia 2 Freeride modu šeit!

No CD/DVD mods

Ļauj spēlēt Mafia 2 bez diska ievietošanas datora diskdzinī. Tas ne vien
ir ērti, bet arī pagarina diskdziņa mūža garumu, jo tādējādi netiek pārmērīgi noslogots.
Šeit varat lejupielādēt Mafia II no DVD modu.


Kolekcionējamie priekšmetiwanted-poster

"Wanted" plakāti

Pilsētā ir izvietoti kopā 159 "Wanted" plakāti. Tie atrodas dažādās vietās ārpus telpām, parasti uz sienām, žogiem un tamlīdzīgās vietās.

"Playboy" žurnāli

Tāpat pilsētā ir izvietoti 50 "Playboy" žurnāli ar tā laika modeļu attēliem. Tie, atšķirībā no plakātiem, ir atrodami tikai



"Empire Bay" karte

Klikšķiniet uz attēla, lai aplūkotu to pilnā izšķirtspējā!

"Just like the original Mafia was a big success in the PC and the first generation Xbox, 2K are excited at the performance of next-generation PS3 and Xbox360 consoles to use technology to create an entirely new gaming experience, while keeping and embracing the best elements that echo fans of the last Mafia game, "said Christoph Hartmann, president of 2K." "wow" factor of Mafia 2 PC is definitely the reference establishment of HD visual quality and realistic action (as oposed to GTA4 more cartoonish gameplay). Similar graphics were see only in Hollywood films. "Seat in Prague , Czech Republic, developed the original game illusion of the mafia and is also responsible for the series Hidden and Dangerous and Vietcong.

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Mafia 2 is available for PC Windows and current generation consoles - that is Playstation 3 and XBOX 360 HDD.


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